Too crazy or not too crazy enough...

Just another soul drifting through time. Im a little bit of everything, i want to learn, i want to spin until i fall

“I Am Light, I Am Infinite, I Am The Channel, I Am Expanding, I Am Psychedelic, I Am Vibration,I Am Timeless, I Am Unity, I Am Activating, I Am Resonate, I Am Galactic, I Am Radiant, I Am Defined, I Am Electric, I Am Lunar, I Am Magnetic, I Am Planetary, I Am Balanced, I Am Organised, I Am Connected, I Am Inspired, I Am In Harmony, I Am Integrity, I Am Perfect, I Am Manifestation, I Am Dissolving, I Am Releasing, I Am Liberated, I Am Dedicated, I Am Universalised, I Am Enduring, I Am Transcending Mantra, I Am Earth-ing, I Am Being, I Am Communicating, I Am Spirit, I Am Breathing, I Am Cosmic, I Am Essence, I Am Power, I Am Action, I Am Dreaming, I Am Abundance, I Am Intuition, I Am GOD, I Am Extreme, I Am Internal And External, I Am Flowering, I Am Clocking, I Am Aware, I Am Life Force, I Am Surviving, I Am DMT, I Am Spiraling, I Am Art, I Am Accomplishing, I Am Healing, I Am Beauty, I Am Elegance, I Am Pure, I Am Flowing, I Am Love, I Am Chakra, I Am Coinciding, I Am Playings, I Am Magic, I Am Illusive, I Am Free Will, I Am Wise, I Am Exploring, I Am Space & Time, I Am Waking Life, I Am Vivid, I Am Enchanting, I Am Timelessness, I Am Incomplete Infinite Design, I Am Alien, I Am Human, I Am Receptive, I Am Vision, I Am Energy, I Am Mindful, I Am Questioning, I Am Answering, I Am Intelligent, I Am Fearless, I Am Evolving, I Am Opening My 3rd Eye To The Unseen Vision, I Am Translating, I Am Synchronicity, I Am Reflecting, I Am Endlessness, I Am Order & Chaos, I Am The Tao, I Am Crystalised, I Am Self Generation, I Am Affirming, I Am Enlightened, I Am Life, I Am Tone, I Am Colour, I Am Electronic, I Am Lunar & Solar, I Am Opposite & Polar Language, I Am Radial, I Am Particles Of Plasma, I Am Endurance, I Am Cosmic, I Am Releasing, I Am Liberated, I Am Perfect, I Am Pulsing, I Am Realising, I Am The One Because The One Are All, I Am Form, I Am In The Infinite Nothing That Becomes The Everything, I Am Symbolic, I Am Relative, I Am The Divine Spirit That Harmonises With The Laws, I Am Projecting The Digital Loom, I Am The Tool Of Experiencing Desire And Finding Ecstasy In Process,

I Am Me, We Are You.”

—Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra

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